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Hired as Employee, and now Owner wants me to become LLC instead

3 weeks ago I was hired as a Marketing Director for a Surgery Center. I am not receiving benefits, I am paid salary, but it is part time. I have a gas card for the use of my vehicle, but depreciation is not part of reimbursement and I drive over 500 miles per week. The owner of the surgery center contacted me today and told me that after discussion with his accountant he feels it would be best for both of us if I became an LLC, and he hired my "marketing firm" instead of having me as an "employee". He offered to pay for the LLC in my name and any costs incurred upon making myself an LLC. Here are some questions that I hope you can help me with: 1. What is the benefit to him that I become an LLC versus an employee? 2. Will I need to purchase insurance for my LLC? 3. How will I get paid? Invoice the company, through 1099, or do I pay myself? 4. What if they do not need my services any longer, do I get fired or let go if I am an LLC? Am I able to collect unemployment? 5. Should I make more money per hour if I am an LLC? 6. Will I be able to do my taxes myself on Turbo tax and will I be able to still do joint filing with my husband? 7. Should I be on a cash basis or accrual and do I have to set that up to begin with when I make the LLC? I hope you can answer these questions for me. I haven't given him an answer yet and I would love to get your response to help me decide which would be best for me.