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medical subcontracting


This is my situation; I am a physician, I want to accept a job as a salaried employee with company X a medical group which is a c-corporation. Then company X wants to negotiate a contract with another medical group Y for coverage at some hospitals. I, as an employee of comapny X would be the only person from company X that will perform the contract work for company Y.

How does the taxation work for company X, do I need to fill a w-9, Also the reason for this arrangement is that essentially the money that is given from company Y to company X is going to be "funneled" to me, company X would not be taking any "cuts".

Is this disadvantageous for me, is it better if I just directly become an employee of company Y.

is there another way around this, I'd rather not be a direct employee of company Y, and keep my relationship with company X.