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s corp ownership

Hello, here is help i need
general dist started in 1989 (vitamins) partnership
1999- female created an Arizona S corp 100$ sharelholder/stockholder/president.
current as of 2011- in all filings, reports etc. no changes\

2002-female/male from partnership married. S corp still in females 100% ownership. no changes

2010- divorced
divorce decree has a property settlement fee (15%) payout monthly to male. from the business .agreed to
i will be giving him a 1099 misc income report for his taxes. He doesnt want this so he can keep his AHCCCS insurance. averages 300-400/month to him.

2011- divorced male wants to dispute divorce decree and get i rewritten and get more?? how? he doesnt' nor has he been on the s corp for 12 years/ it was formed before we were married!!?

is this disputable?
please advise